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Hello i'm ScraPa the Tech Recycler!!

Our Mission

Electronic recycling plays a vital role in safeguarding our environment and promoting sustainable practices.

The accumulation of electronic waste has become a significant concern due to rapid technological advancements.


By recycling electronics, including iPhones and other devices, we can effectively reduce the negative impact on our planet and preserve valuable resources.

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Benefits of Recycling Electronics:

Prevents electronic waste from ending up in landfills, reducing the risk of environmental contamination and conserving landfill space.

Extracts valuable resources, such as rare metals, precious metals, and plastics, for reuse, reducing the need for extensive mining and manufacturing processes.

Reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the extraction and production of raw materials.

The general aim is to recover valuable materials, minimize waste, and reduce the environmental impact associated with electronic waste.

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The Recycling Process:

Our recycling  involves disassembling electronic devices, such as iPhones, and sorting their components, such as metals, plastics and other components for recycling and or reuse in repairs that we carry out.

Here's a general overview of our program:

Collection: Electronic devices, such as iPhones, are collected from various sources, including individuals, businesses, but our main input is through our postal services.

Sorting: The collected devices are sorted based on their type, brand, and condition. This helps determine the most suitable recycling or reuse methods for each device.


Disassembly: Skilled technicians disassemble the devices carefully, separating different components such as metals, plastics, circuit boards, batteries, screens, and cables. This step requires expertise and specialized tools to ensure safe handling and efficient extraction of valuable materials.

Re-use: The components and materials can then be used in the production of other electronic devices or other products. Components in good condition may be refurbished and reused in repairs or resold as spare parts.#


Responsible Disposal: Any components or materials that cannot be recycled or reused are disposed of properly, following regulations and environmental guidelines to minimize their impact on the environment. 

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